Our services are extremely flexible. An initial consultation is set up to evaluate what services will work best for your needs. If you would like, I can contact your doctor about your specific diet and work with them to provide you with the safest health promoting meals possible.



-Liaison between your doctor, their diets and the food you love to eat

-Personal chef in your own home

         -Family style meals

         -Individually portioned meals for people on the go

-Prepped uncooked ingredients with recipes for those who want to cook but don’t have time to shop and prep

-Grocery shopping

-Cooking lessons, meal prep and menu building for new home cooks

-Pantry stocking

-Kitchen overhauls

         -Equipment evaluation



Institutional Consulting

-How to cook for many people with restricted diets in a safe and cost efficient way within your current space

-Staff education on top food allergies

-Cross contamination protocol building



-Recipe testing


-Medical diet plans

-Recipe creation for specific diseases, dietary restrictions

Individual client and institutional references are available upon request.